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This institution has been conceived to impart world class education in the medical /allied sciences, manage and open charitable hospitals / diagnostic centers, holding free medical camps, giving scholarship to poor needy students and to provide help to persons affected by natural calamities like earthquake, flood etc.

In country like ours, where there is high rate of unemployment, these courses are designed to provide immediate employment to the candidates. The Managing Director Major Dr. A.P. Sanwaria, M.D. (Medicine) is an expert in medicine having more than half a century experience in teaching & managing hospital & patient care; and has vast social, political & socio economic experiences which is aimed for the uplift of the poor & also the women. He has travelled vastly in various countries and understands the employment awareness are growing globally for paramedical personnels. Our institute has complete arrangement for all practical training on hand, experience in very well established hospitals or diagnostic centers and is also arranging collaboration with various foreign universities, so that our successful candidates can compete with the rest of countries and land in those countries with plum jobs. The campus is situated away from polluted environment and is approachable very easily by Road, Rail and Air as well.