Nerf unveils $100 replica of Halo’s Needler

We’re just a few weeks away from the highly-anticipated launch of Halo Infinite, so what better way to ramp up the hype than to announce the best replica Needler gun to date.

Hasbro has been making video game-themed Nerf guns for a while now. There’s its Fortnite line that includes a rocket launcher, a series of blasters based on popular Roblox games, and a previous attempt at a Needler in its Halo lineup that wasn’t exactly stunning, but that particular single-dart-firing replica did cost just $10, admittedly.

The latest version of Nerf’s Needler is a lot more impressive—and ten times the price. It doesn’t fire sharp spikes of crystalline plasma that home in on enemies and explode on impact, sadly, but does feature a fully motorized blaster that shoots ten darts in a row from the rotating, 10-dart drum.

The Needler also has a very cool effect in which needles on the top of the gun light up when users grip the handle. Each time a dart is fired, one of the lights goes out, imitating how the needles disappear in the game version.

Nerf’s new Needler requires a hefty six AA 1.5V batteries to work. It also comes with a price tag to match its feature set: $100. Buyers get a stand to show it off—there’s a display mode that activates all its light-up features—as well as a card that unlocks in-game content for Halo Infinite. No word on what this content might be, but one would imagine it’s related to the Needler or is a set of Nerf skins.

The Nerf LMTD Halo Needler is now available to pre-order from Amazon, Entertainment Earth, GameStop, and Hasbro Pulse. The replica is still in development, which means it’s not set to ship until December 2022. Halo Infinite, meanwhile, lands on December 8.