A patch for eFootball 2022, Steam’s worst game of all time, has been delayed

Konami’s eFootball 2022, which has the unfortunate distinction of being the worst-reviewed title of all time on Steam, isn’t going to improve this week. A patch for the game that will hopefully address some of its many, many faults has been delayed to early November.

The 0.9.1 patch for eFootball 2022 was initially supposed to land on October 28, but the game’s official Twitter account confirmed this has been pushed back to early next month. The delay apparently allows extra time to “ensure the experience is improved” for all players.

Improving the experience is undoubtedly something eFootball 2022 needs. Following its release date at the end of September, it quickly became not only the worst game on Steam, as per user reviews, but also the worst-rated game in the platform’s history.

Konami had already incurred the wrath of Pro Evolution Soccer (aka PES) fans when it changed the name, expanded the franchise onto mobile, and made it free-to-play with microtransactions and optional premium DLC.

eFootball 2022 arrived on Steam with graphics that looked designed with mobile in mind, ‘inbred hillbilly’ character models straight from The Hills have Eyes, and a slew of bugs, all of which led to 9% positive user rating—the worst ever recorded on Steam. It’s managed to climb to 12% since then but remains 3% lower than the number two worst game, Flatout 3: Chaos & Destruction, on the Steam250 list of shame.

Many of the reviews for eFootball 2022 are a case of people jumping on the bandwagon, and there are doubtlessly worse games on the platform, but that doesn’t mean it’s anything other than really bad. Whether the patch can push up that positive rating remains to be seen as there’s a lot that needs to be improved, and Konami hasn’t specified what changes it will introduce. We’ll find out more details from the company, including a release date, “as soon as they are confirmed.”